Zach Ayers is a writer—mostly in drama, mostly in television. Zach has worked in both hour and half-hour television, including Freeform’s SIREN, NBC’s STATE OF AFFAIRS and Disney’s A.N.T. FARM.


He’s also developed several projects across town and genres. His latest comedy, Need to Know, is in development with WBTV/CBS. The premise, about a young CIA officer working in a little-regarded Agency department, is based on Zach’s previous career as a CIA training-film writer/producer which is an actual job in the actual US government.

Zach is an alumnus of the ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship, Second City and Ithaca College. Zach was born in Alaska, grew up in Seattle, and now lives on the eastside of LA with his wife and two daughters.

Zach is currently writing for BET’s “AMERICAN SOUL,” and has been a proud instructor at Script Anatomy since the spring of 2017. 


Zach is an awesome instructor who shows genuine care for his students and their ideas. He gives constructive and helpful advice along with tons of encouragement and support. It’s the best mix for anyone trying to break into an industry notoriously filled with rejections. He is absolutely tuned in to each students’ pitches and ideas and makes the whole process from pitch to outline a lot less painful than it can be otherwise. A total must-take instructor!
— Eunice Park
Zach’s class on outlining so impressed me that I went on to his Draft Intensive. Both classes were integral to the final pilot that has producers reading. Zach has a format created by Script Anatomy that far exceeds any prior class I’ve taken. He adds examples of real scenarios from our homework, wit, and personal anecdotes to make the classes fun and informative. He hit it out of the park. The packed sessions had so much content my typing speed went up.  He worked on our projects in his lectures and you could tell all of our work was important to him.  I’m up for any writing classes he teaches.
— Betty Sullivan
Zach brings a wealth of real world experience, energy and creativity to class. He knows just how hard to push to get the best out of students, and his weekly notes during the Televisionary Workshop have been priceless.  Zach helped me to go from a foggy idea to a solid outline in 5 weeks, and I’m truly amazed at the progress I’ve made.
— Chris McClure