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*ONLINE* TV Spec / Pilot Draft Intensive - *SOLD OUT!*


Accomplish your writing goals from home!

Have an outline for a TV spec script or pilot that you want to take to draft? Or a draft that needs to be rewritten?

Maybe you've taken Televisionary and want deadlines and feedback as you head into draft?

The TV Spec/Pilot Draft Intensive is a structured 3 session class designed for writers who have a completed script outline and are ready to write their draft.

You will get that unfinished project written and polished while reviewing core structure and other key elements.

It begins with a pre-class prep week in which writers hand in their outline and read a comedy or drama script chosen by the instructor. In Week One writers receive notes on their outlines from their peers and the instructor. In Weeks Two and Three, they receive notes on the first and second halves of their scripts.

All notes will be emailed. The first hour of class will be lectures with a half-hour for questions.

This is not a rewrite class, though there will be revising and retooling of story and key elements.

Classes cover: 

Structure / Act Outs / Set up / Character Development / Strengthening Dynamic Relationships

Amping up Conflict/Stakes / Deepening Emotion and/or Comedy / Scene Techniques + In Class Exercises. 

Required: Televisionary or equivalent experience.

Instructor: Mike Perri


“Michael Perri is one of those teachers who sneakily helps you elevate your craft in a BIG way. Sneaky because you are having so much fun while you’re doing it. He has a passion for storytelling that is infectious and can boil the process down for his students in a way that is easily absorbed.”

Alexandra Grizinski, 2nd Round: Austin Film Festival’s 2015 Teleplay Contest (1hr drama)

“It’s not enough to be great in this industry. You need to be prolific, consistent and possess an ability to generate work quickly. Script Anatomy will give you the tools to achieve this level of performance.” — Charmaine DeGraté, Writer on CW’s The 100, Warner Bros Television Workshop Fellow, UTA Repaid

When: Sundays from 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Apr 14th/  Apr 28th /  May 19th  - NOTE: (*OFF 5/12 for Mother's Day)

Note: outlines are due at least a week before your first class, so sign up ASAP.

Where: Online (any questions, please email Script Anatomy)

Cost: $500.00

Limit 8 writers

No refunds after 04/11/2019. Please click here for our full refund policy.