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*ONLINE* Televisionary - Tier 1 SOLD OUT!


Televisionary is the foundation of the Script Anatomy Curriculum. 

An intensive 5 week course that is perfect for both new and working writers who want to elevate their scripts by applying Script Anatomy’s unique tools. 

*Whatever your level—and whether you’re working on a TV spec or an original pilot—this course will help you advance*

Instructor Zach Ayers has written for American Soul (BET), Siren (Freeform), State of Affairs (NBC), and  A.N.T Farm (Disney). He is also an alumnus of the ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship.

He will guide you through the Script Anatomy tools, a tried and tested process of crafting your script from concept to outline. Each week, you will receive lectures about the tools, and then a corresponding assignment in which you can apply them to your own project, whether it’s a TV spec or an original pilot.

For online students, we operate Two Tiers:

Tier 1 students receive peer feedback and instructor critique each week, providing them with a constructive evaluation of their material in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Tier 2 students just receive the lectures, but no feedback. 

All students will have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A at the end of each class. And if for any reason you can’t make the online class live, you can watch the video recording at your convenience.  

“Televisionary is the human growth hormone of TV Writing. Having taken many classes, none have prepared me so thoroughly for a first draft. For the first time in my career, the transition from outline to first draft was seamless. I can’t say enough great things.” — Paul Ditty, 2018 Finalist for Warner Brothers Writing Program, 2017 Semi-Finalist for NBC Writers On The Verge and 2017 FOX Writers Intensive

Classes cover:

Hooks/Concepts / Arena / Loglines & Pitching / TV Story Structure / Strong Act Outs

Tone & Genre Expectation / Character Development / Dynamic Relationships

Conflict and Obstacles / Dilemmas & Goals / Stakes / Theme

Instructor: Zach Ayers


“Zach brings a wealth of real world experience, energy and creativity to class. He knows just how hard to push to get the best out of students, and his weekly notes during the Televisionary Workshop have been priceless.  Zach helped me to go from a foggy idea to a solid outline in 5 weeks, and I’m truly amazed at the progress I’ve made.” — Chris McClure

When: 5 Sundays from Mar 3 to April 7 — 9am - 11am (PST), 12pm - 2pm (EST) *OFF 3/31 for writing outlines


Cost for Tier 1: $625 / 12 writers max

Cost for Tier 2: $425 / 15 writers max

No refunds after 2/28/2019. Click here for our full refund policy.