Tawnya Bhattacharya is a writer/producer, writing instructor, and founder of Script Anatomy, a writing school that helps television writers reach their writing goals and elevate their craft through classes, workshops and private consultations.

Bhattacharya, a screenwriting teacher for the past 13 years, launched Script Anatomy in 2011 just as her professional writing career was getting off the ground. Her objective: to use her experience of breaking into the industry and building a career to help other writers do the same. Currently writer/supervising producers on Famous in Love (Freeform), Bhattacharya and her writing partner Ali Laventhol have written on The Night Shift (NBC), Perception (TNT)The Client List (Lifetime) and Fairly Legal (USA)They are repped by UTA, Heroes and Villains Entertainment and Morris Yorn.

Former NBC Writers on the Verge fellows, they were also semi-finalists for the ABC Disney Fellowship (before getting a job that took them out of the running), and Bhattacharya was also a FOX Writer’s Intensive fellow (FOX optioned her semi-autobiographical pilot). Bhattacharya’s teaching days began in 2005 when she taught feature writing. Upon starting Script Anatomy, Bhattacharya decided to focus solely on television and developed her own practical tools of writing and rewriting based on her own process. Over the years she finessed these tools into the unique Script Anatomy curriculum, which has helped hundreds of writers succeed, whether getting staffed, representation, selling pilots, screenplays and novels. She has guest-taught workshops with ISA (International Screenwriters Association), Stage 32, the TV Writers Fund, and has taught for the Disney | ABC Writing Program for the past 3 years. Bhattacharya has mentored for CineStory TV Writers Retreat in Idyllwild. She also writes a column in Script Magazine called “Your TV Guide.

With Script Anatomy, Bhattacharya has helped hundreds of writers succeed.  Some have won contests, festivals, and fellowships, others secured representation, or been hired for assignments.  Others still have graduated from Script Anatomy to go onto their first staff jobs on network and cable shows, even selling TV pilots, screenplays, and novels as a result.


“Script Anatomy pushes you to dig deeper and ask those tough questions upfront.  In a very simple, straightforward way, Tawnya is able to demystify the overwhelmingly isolating process of pilot writing by giving you tools you can take away and use forever.  Not to mention the incredible sense of community you feel the minute you walk into one of her workshops.  I was on staff for three years before I took a Script Anatomy class and even after breaking over forty episodes of television, I still longed for a sense of camaraderie and partnership.  Script Anatomy provided that for me and reminded me how much goes into creating a pilot.  It is an outstanding class for non working and working writers.  I will definitely be going back.”

– Wendy Straker Hauser, story editor, Hulu’s “THE HANDMAID’S TALE”

“Tawnya is a total pro. Her years working in television have clearly helped her design a unique curriculum for all the workshops offered byScript Anatomy. These workshops are run just like a real television writers’ room with plenty of opportunity for feedback and ideas from other writers. They also provide you with a concrete set of tools to help you realize your story vision and capture it on the page. I wrote the first draft of my original one-hour drama pilot in her workshop and a few months later sold it to Universal/NBC! I really believe that writing that script in Tawnya’s workshop gave me the encouragement, motivation and insight I needed to get my script into tip-top shape. Television writing is such a competitive space, so any edge you can acquire going in is crucial. Tawnya and Script Anatomy provide that edge.”

 Barbara Curry (Writer of sold legal drama “REVERSIBLE ERROR” to NBC with FAST AND FURIOUS Chris Morgan attached, Writer of the movies “THE BOY NEXT DOOR” & “ANYTHING FOR LOVE,” Hired to rewrite “THE JURY” at Fox 2000)

“On the first day of Tawyna’s Televisionary Writer’s Workshop, she laid out her expectations. She expects a great deal from the writers in her course because she’s preparing you be a professional. The course moves quickly. The deadlines are strict. And, the workload seems endless. In other words, Tawyna’s course was excellent. Her unique approach to narrative and emphasis on theme truly elevated my writing. She gives helpful and honest feedback without being negative. As a working writer, she teaches from both an artistic and business standpoint, and I feel that’s what makes her such a gem. Take the course and thank me later. 

– Kirk Moore (writer, Netflix’s “THIRTEEN REASONS WHY,” 2014/2014 NBC Writers On The Verge Fellow, repped by Kaplan Stahler and Scott Car Management)

Ali Laventhol, along with her writing partner and Script Anatomy founder Tawnya Bhattacharya, is currently a Writer/Supervising Producer on Freeform’s Famous in Love.  

She has written on NBC’s The Night Shift, TNT’s Perception, The Client List on Lifetime and USA’s Fairly Legal. Tawnya and Ali’s NURSE JACKIE spec was selected for NBC’s Writers On the Verge Program in 2010 and Ali has been a reader for WOTV submissions each subsequent year, reading, scoring and writing coverage on several hundred scripts.

Ali started in the industry as a Visual Effects Compositor, working on feature film projects including TERMINATOR: SALVATION, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (II & III), DÉJÀ VU and MY BLOODY VALENTINE. In 2011 Ali earned her first producing credit on the indie feature PART TIME FABULOUS, which went on to win awards at the Berkshire Int’l Film Festival, Monaco Charity Film Festival and Albequerque Film Festival.

Having used the Script Anatomy development tools in her own writing, Ali is thrilled to bring them to a class setting where each writer will develop their project step by step with weekly feedback in a supportive environment.

Laventhol is repped by UTA and Heroes and Villains Entertainment.


“I’ve taken the Televisionary class and the Draft class with Ali and have been impressed both times with how she maintains a warm and encouraging environment while giving you the tools you need to take your material to the next level. She is experienced and knowledgeable about how story works and she will not just help you find what’s not working in your script, but also help you strategize on how to fix it. I have absolutely no doubt that Script Anatomy has made me a much stronger writer. I have won and placed in multiple contests with scripts I’ve written in their classes. I can’t recommend them highly enough!” 

– Rowan Wheeler (2016 Final Draft Big Break Grand Prize Winner, ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Winner, Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilot Contest Top 5%, repped by UTA)

“To say Ali is a great instructor would be an understatement, whatever is ten times great, that’s Ali. As someone who’s worked in a writer’s room, Ali runs her class very much like a room. It was like practicing for the real deal. I’ve taken writing classes outside of SA and I always go back to SA because the classes are more professional and the atmosphere is more serious and structured. I’ve been in classes that run late or students get off topic and it can get frustrating. That doesn’t happen here. A large portion of that is because of instructors like Ali.  Ali’s someone who’s very tuned in to the story you’re trying to tell and helping you tell that specific story. The notes are almost always specific with examples and ideas on how to elevate your work. But Ali’s also very honest about killing your “precious darlings” and does so in an absurdly patient manner.”

– Jeane Wong (Winner, Universal Cable Productions Pitch Fest 2016, former PGA Diversity Workshop fellow, Script Coordinator on ARROW for the CW)

“Ali Laventhol is a great teacher. She is certainly accomplished as a television writer, but what makes her uniquely effective in guiding other writers is her discerning eye for getting to the heart of a story.With surprising patience and warmth, Ali runs her class like a professional writer’s room. The ready, willing and resilient stand out. You will get the most out of her class when you come prepared — in your own work and in having read that of your peers. Ali’s approach is keenly focused on identifying and building upon meaning and relationship progressions, with an appreciation for structure. I have loved every single class I’ve taken at Script Anatomy, and I can’t wait for my next one with Ali Laventhol!”

– Pamela García Rooney (2017 Disney | ABC Writing Program Semifinalist, 2016 PAGE Screenwriting Awards Quarterfinalist)

Kevin was born a hustler straight from the streets of Detroit. He went from selling candy in the halls of his middle school, to selling weed and psychedelic mushrooms in high school and ultimately put himself through college with his drug enterprise.

After graduating from The University of Arizona (The Harvard of the Southwest) with a double major in Cultural Anthropology/Spanish he traveled and lived in 24 different countries. Then after a few years in Orlando, Florida selling Formica in the business world he moved to Los Angeles.

Kevin has worked on over a dozen shows and various pilots for some of TV’s finest: Charles Pratt Jr., Charlie Craig, Paul Redford, Alex Graves, Ed Zuckerman and Josh Berman. He then went on to assist Shawn Ryan and Marney Hochman-Nash for Shawn’s production company MIDDKID PRODUCTIONS. This is where he received his “Masters in showrunning” from watching Shawn run multiple shows simultaneously all while developing new shows.

Most recently, Kevin spent a year living on AIRBNB all around Los Angeles. He also just sold a half hour comedy to Pivot Entertainment with Silver Pictures producing, and is currently writing on POP TV‘s Let’s Get Physical.


“Televisionary gives you the tools to grow that seed of a TV show idea that’s been twirling in your head into a full grown plant. Kevin Townsley is an exceptional instructor who becomes your script’s best and most supportive best friend. Like a BFF, he tells you what’s not working and rolls up his sleeves to help you come up with a fix.”

— Claudia Forestieri, 2017 HBO Access Writing Fellow, NBC Writers on the Verge alumni and Emmy-award winning TV journalist

“Kevin was very helpful at every stage, and was supportive of everyone’s work. He fostered a pleasant and encouraging learning environment.”

— Irene Hernandez & Kelsey McConnell, writing team and Televisionary & Draft Intensive alumni

“Not only was Kevin an inspiring and patient teacher of the excellent Script Anatomy material, but his ability to complement that material with real-world anecdotes from his own experiences in TV writers’ rooms really made the information come to life. The pilot I’m working on is in much better shape since attending the Televisionary Writers Workshop!” 

— Nate Nauert

Alyson Feltes (Aly) is an established writer/showrunner in Canada, South Africa and the U.S. 

She is currently a Co-EP and writer on Netflix‘s Ozark (streaming started on July 21, 2017), and is currently back in the writers room breaking stories for Season 2. In early January 2017, Aly delivered a pilot script for a one hour drama to WBTV and NBC. 

She co-created Flash Forward for The Disney Channel and The Associates for CTV. She co-ran Traders for three Gemini award-winning seasons (including its two best dramatic series nods). Aly was showrunner-in-residence at The Canadian Film Centre, creating a mock story department for a one-hour drama based on her original pilot script. All her graduates are now working writers.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Aly became a Co-EP on Mental, a one hour-drama produced in Bogota, Colombia for FTVS and Fox and was a Consulting Producer for the The Firm (NBC/Sony International). 

She is represented by CAA and Ensemble Entertainment.


“I really enjoyed the Spec Lab with Alyson and I know I would not have ended up with as strong of a script without her guidance and the class’s feedback. I continue to be impressed with Script Anatomy classes! I really love the structure; I get so much out of the tools and tasks and I find myself and my work pushed miles ahead of what I could do on my own (and much further than what I’ve experienced in classes elsewhere). I plan to sign up for Script Anatomy classes for my next pilot and spec… there’s currently nowhere I like taking classes as much as Script Anatomy!”

 — Diana Ly

“Working through my spec with Aly in Advanced Spec Lab was invaluable – her notes were smart, honest and encouraging. I always left class feeling elated and super jazzed to implement her helpful feedback.Her notes were so incredibly amazing I found myself craning my neck to peer over her shoulder and soak up every drop of her wisdom. I also appreciate that she’s a working TV writer/producer, and her generosity in sharing some behind-the-scenes insight with a room of new writers. Highly recommend working with Aly – she’s like a cooler, hipper fairy godmother who will dust magic over your script.”


— Melissa Cassera, Top 5%, 2016 Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilot Contest

Margaux Froley is a Southern California native. She attended the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Since then she has worked for such TV networks as TLC, MTV, CMT, Travel Channel, HGTV, and Awesomeness TV. 

In 2007, Margaux was chosen to participate in the Warner Brothers Writers Workshop after writing her first television spec script, and subsequently was hired as a staff writer on Privileged at the CW.

Margaux moved to New York when she was hired at the Director of Development for scripted and non-scripted series at MTV Networks. From there, she segued into a book deal to write a series of mystery YA books with Soho Teen/Random House.  The first book in the series, Escape Theory, debuted in 2013 to a Starred review in Publisher’s Weekly and was nominated for an Anthony Award for Best Young Adult Mystery. The second book, Hero Complex, came out in October, 2014.

In 2013 she was a Writers Guild Access Project honoree with her drama pilot Kat and Mouse, and in 2014, she sold a sci-fi pilot, Enhanced. She is currently Executive Producing a digital docu-series, This Is Summer, for AwesomenessTV.  Margaux is repped by Industry Entertainment.

Margaux uses the Script Anatomy tools for her own writing and is excited to share this process with other writers of all levels.


“I cannot say enough about how amazing Margaux is as an instructor. Her notes and thoughts were very well thought and considerate. I was most impressed, however, with how available she was to her students. She was always quick to respond to an email and ready to chat if necessary. Her class gave me the focus and guidance that I needed to produce one of the best spec teleplays I’ve ever written. I enjoyed Margaux so much that I even paid for a consultation from her for my original pilot outline! I’ve never been better prepared for the fellowships.

-Travis Oberlander

“Before I took my latest spec to market, Margaux was the person I could trust to tell me “if and when” it was ready.  She pushed me to get it there.  Margaux has the pedigree and connections to advise how your script will be received and how to make it work.“

 – R. Lucas

“We can all find a personal trainer for our bodies, but it’s rare to find someone who has the perspective and is capable and willing to coach you through the pitfalls of writing, especially writing for Hollywood. Margaux is smart, funny and—perhaps even most importantly—patient. At times when I thought I’d throw in the towel on a spec project, Margaux wouldn’t let me give up and would always stay on me to make sure I saw it through to the end.”  

 – M. Heyman

Before Zach moved to Los Angeles, he was a director and producer of training videos at the Central Intelligence Agency, which is an actual job in the actual US government.

Zach has worked in both TV comedy and drama. Currently, he writes for FREEFORM’s drama “SIREN, BET's "AMERICAN SOUL," and is in development with WBTV on a comedy called “NEED TO KNOW.”

Zach is an alumnus of the ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship, Second City and Ithaca College.


“Zach is an awesome instructor who shows genuine care for his students and their ideas. He gives constructive and helpful advice along with tons of encouragement and support. It’s the best mix for anyone trying to break into an industry notoriously filled with rejections. He is absolutely tuned in to each students’ pitches and ideas and makes the whole process from pitch to outline a lot less painful than it can be otherwise. A total must-take instructor!”

– Eunice Park

“Zach brings a wealth of real world experience, energy and creativity to class. He knows just how hard to push to get the best out of students, and his weekly notes during the Televisionary Workshop have been priceless.  Zach helped me to go from a foggy idea to a solid outline in 5 weeks, and I’m truly amazed at the progress I’ve made.”

– Chris McClure


"Zach's class on outlining so impressed me that I went on to his Draft Intensive. Both classes were integral to the final pilot that has producers reading. Zach has a format created by Script Anatomy that far exceeds any prior class I've taken. He adds examples of real scenarios from our homework, wit, and personal anecdotes to make the classes fun and informative. He hit it out of the park. The packed sessions had so much content my typing speed went up.  He worked on our projects in his lectures and you could tell all of our work was important to him.  I'm up for any writing classes he teaches."

– Betty Sullivan

Dominic Russo is a comedy writer, director and show creator. He is the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of the Comedy Central Series, Workaholics.

The webseries, which he created and wrote, 5thYear, was the genesis to Workaholics and was developed by Comedy Central. He wrote and Produced Season 1 of Workaholics, and is Executive Producer through five seasons of Workaholics.

Dominic is also the co-author of the book, “THE PARTY BIBLE, The Good Book for Great Times”. The book serves as the ultimate party planning guide, from a couple of scholars in the art of the party. The book offers dozens of ideas for throwing the ultimate party. Some party ideas: Tour De Franzia, The Donkey Punch Dinner Party, Brown Bag Surprise, Red Wine/White Suit Party, The Senior Citizen Games, McConaHaven (a Matthew Mcconaughey themed party), and Euro Trash Bash.

Dominic has worked with top level production companies from commercials to TV, where he has learned production from inside and out. He is currently writing new TV series concepts and directing comedy content. Dominic is focused on creating and writing new TV series as well as developing and writing existing property.

He is originally from San Francisco and now lives in Venice Beach. He used to be one of those awesome guys who lived on a sailboat (for three years); now he’s just a guy with a mortgage. He was once a roadie for Barbra Streisand and a semi-professional baseball player in Italy.



"Having taken many classes, none have prepared me so thoroughly for a first draft. The Script Anatomy tools helped me delve deep into the theme and tracking of my spec script, allowing me to get to a solid outline in a very short amount of time. The notes from my instructor were thorough and balanced, challenging me to be my best while remaining respectful of my ideas. For the first time in my writing career, the transition from outline to first draft was seamless. I can't say enough great things. This is a class I will take again and again!"

— Paul Ditty, Semi-Finalist for 2017 NBC WOTV, Semi-Finalist for 2017 FOX Writers Intensive, Second Rounder at 2017 Austin Film Fest, Semi-Finalist for 2017 Screencraft's Pilot Launch


“I am a huge fan of Script Anatomy after having completed five classes here with a number of different teachers, each excellent and inspiring in her/his own unique way...”

— Pamela García Rooney, 2017 ABC/Disney Writing Program Semifinalist, 2016 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest Top 8%

"It’s not enough to be good in this industry. I’ve found that it’s not even enough to be great. You need to be prolific, consistent and possess an ability to generate work quickly. Script Anatomy will give you the tools to achieve this level of performance. I trust Script Anatomy’s development tools implicitly because I’ve reaped its benefits. I developed my first spec outline in Televisionary Writer’s Workshop. That spec led me to the Finals of every 2014 Television Fellowship Program. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you have the drive, commitment and passion, Script Anatomy will give you the weapons to succeed."

— Charmaine DeGraté, Writer on CW’s The 100, Warner Bros Television Workshop Fellow, UTA Repaid

Gil Hizon was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. As an infant, the only way his mother could keep him from crying was by placing him in front of the TV.

In the late 90s, his family moved to the “exotic” shoreline town of Branford, Connecticut. The first of many culture shocks, Gil has lived in multiple cities – Chicago, London, and eventually Los Angeles.

Exposure to various unfamiliar environments caused Gil to express himself in different ways. Since graduating from Fairfield University with B.A. degrees in Theatre and Psychology, Gil has had many incarnations: poet, playwright, improv comedian, fashion designer, metal factory secretary, barista, editor of bar mitzvah videos, post-production coordinator, and talent P.A., but TV writing is Gil’s one true north. He went back to school at Columbia College Chicago and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Television Writing/Producing.

Since 2014, Gil has written four specs, a web series, two features, and nine original pilots, most of which have placed in various contests and fellowships. Most recently, his romantic comedy feature, FINDING JAMES, was optioned. Gil is beyond thrilled to be a part of the 2018 CBS Writers Mentoring Program.

Gil currently lives in Miracle Mile with his partner, William Schneider, a successful interior architect – and their two dogs, Duncan and Sebastian. In his spare time, Gil makes up sassy weekly horoscopes for his 5,700+ followers on Tumblr and volunteers at pet adoption events. He is petrified of raccoons.


“Gil understands that it’s not only writing that makes you a writer, but has a clear understanding of the industry — he uses strategic business knowledge for the independent writer, incorporating networking and an organized business plan that’ll move your career to the next level.” 

 — Eli Benavidez, Staff Writer, SIREN

“I’ve had the pleasure of receiving Gil’s insightful notes. He quickly gets to the heart of the matter and helps writers think about their scripts from a completely different angle. Gil is meticulous and an endless source of encouragement. I can’t recommend him enough!”

— Sabrina Almeida, Staff Writer, SEAL TEAM, 2017 CBS Writers Mentoring Program, 2015 NHMC TV Writers Program

“Gil is one of the hardest working writers I know. His tireless commitment to the craft not only shows in his multitude of completed projects, but in his contribution to the development of other writers. Gil’s insight and razor-sharp humor add a unique perspective to even the most polished of scripts.”

— Paul Ditty, Semi-Finalist for 2017 NBC WOTV, Semi-Finalist for 2017 FOX Writers Intensive, Second Rounder at 2017 Austin Film Fest, Semi-Finalist for 2017 Screencraft's Pilot Launch

A native of Kingsville, Texas, Hollie headed to the Big Apple at nineteen, lured by the bright lights of Broadway.

Unfortunately, two left feet and no vocal ability left her with limited options. Honing her people skills while waiting tables, she passed time by scribbling ideas on bar napkins. Hollie arrived in Hollywood, determined to write her own story.

While she took classes and wrote spec scripts, Hollie continued to expand her resume of mind numbing survival jobs until she landed a spot in the Warner Brothers Writers Workshop. Hollie is a TV Writer, Producer and best selling novelist. Her TV credits include “Shadowhunters,” The Client List” and “Cold Case.“  Hollie‘s second novel THE WALLS was released on August 2017. She has recently signed a deal for two additional books. Hollie’s debut novel, BABY DOLL was published in the US, UK and eleven other countries and received Best Debut Novel by the readers of Dead Good Books. Hollie is repped by MetaMorphic Entertainment.


“Hollie Overton really understands the way a writer’s brain works and how to provide a positive environment that her students can thrive in. From the very beginning I felt comfortable throwing out whatever pitches came to mind. I never felt judged. Hollie listened to my ideas, gave me thoughtful encouragement and then challenged me to dig deeper!  She is a perfect balance of nurturer and whip-cracker. When I was lost, she was always ready to advise but she never let me off the hook! You may walk into her class confused but I guarantee you’ll leave with a sense of enlightenment. I have grown so much as a writer since I took her class!”

 – Danielle Bauman (Semifinalist, 2015/16 NBC Writers on the Verge, Script Coordinator, NBC’s THIS IS US)