These video testimonials will help prospective students understand what Script Anatomy is all about. 

We’re so proud of our alumni, not just for their success as TV writers, but for their unflagging support of this community. They participate in panels and forums, some become instructors. These testimonials were made in the same spirit of community and giving back.

The first video features several alumni talking about the Script Anatomy experience. Below that is a series of individual testimonials, all freely given.

As you’ll see, every writer is different. Some speak about the tools and the syllabus (Robert Axelrod, Denise Cruz and Danielle Bauman), while others focus on a particular class or workshop (Michael Robin, Leah Pouillot and Brian Shin). Some came with experience (Stacey Miller, Jonathan Hurwtiz and Denise Cruz), while others were relatively new (Claire Nauman and Jim Gulian).

Watch their videos. Get inspired. And come join us!