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Terri was fortunate enough to have her very first script land her an overall deal with Warner Brothers and John Wells Productions, where she worked on Trinity and Third Watch, both on NBC. She then moved over to Law & Order, which she affectionately calls story boot camp. Following her tenure there, she worked on a number of new shows as a Supervising Producer, including Hawaii on NBC and Karen Sisco on ABC.  Next she was a Co-Executive Producer and Consulting Producer on In Justice and Justice, on ABC and FOX respectively. For LIFETIME she then adapted the Nora Roberts book High Noon as a backdoor pilot. 

After staffing for 10 straight years, Terri decided to take a hiatus to work on a novel and focus on development. Her pilot In Contempt was bought by BET and premiered April 10, 2018. Terri was Executive Producer and Showrunner.

Most recently, Terri was a Co-Executive Producer on the second season of The Chi on SHOWTIME, and a Consulting Producer on Proven Innocent on FOX.  She is currently an Executive Producer on Black Mafia Family on STARZ, to whom she just sold another project.

In a prior life, Terri was a lawyer. She had the privilege of working with Loretta Lynch, who went on to become U.S. Attorney General; civil rights attorney William Kunstler; and First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams, for whom she second-chaired a case in front of the United States Supreme. She lasted 9 months at a Wall Street firm before jumping ship to become a Public Defender at The Legal Aid Society in Manhattan, where she practiced for three years. 



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