Nora Nolan grew up in a perfect little town called Maplewood, NJ and she never shuts up about it.

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Nora learned to push comedy boundaries in her large Irish Catholic family where, in order to get a word in edgewise, you either had to lead with a case of Bud Heavy or an edgy punch line. Since Nora didn’t get a fake ID until she was 19, she spent years refining the latter.

Nora was arrested for her fake ID when she was 20. The ruthless judge sentenced her to 100 hours of community service, so Nora volunteered for the Episcopal Church in Newark, NJ, and honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Therefore, Nora did not learn her lesson and, to this day, still uses a fake ID.

Nora earned her chops as a stand-up comic in NYC and Washington, D.C. before moving to LA, where she can now be seen performing stand-up and improv. Nora recently was a part of the 2016-2017 Warner Brothers Writers’ Workshop, after which she became a Staff Writer on season two of NBC’s Trial and Error and is currently a Story Editor on Netflix’s Paradise PD.When not writing or performing, Nora is drinking IPAs, crushing Sudoku puzzles, and watching offensive amounts of television.

Nora is repped by ICM Partners and Skyway Entertainment.


I am so glad to have found Nora. She’s super collaborative and always helps you understand the note behind the note, allowing you to apply what you’re learning to other projects and pilots. Her constructive feedback doesn’t just point out problems, she brainstorms solutions with you too. I have a sketch comedy background and my jokes often come at the expense of plot and character and Nora has helped me immensely in working through structure, conflict and goals, making my pilots so much stronger. She’s direct, clear, and insightful. Oh also, she’s FUNNY. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Jessica Combs
It’s rare to get feedback from a writer who possesses both a deep understanding of character and a profoundly quick comedic sense. Nora’s command of story and her ability to cut out the muck adds value to every script of mine she’s read. I can always count on her to come up with an additional story layer or game-changing twist to help elevate my work. To top it off, Nora’s dang funny and a pleasure to be around — can’t wait for her next class!
— Paul Ditty, Semi-Finalist for 2017 NBC WOTV, Semi-Finalist for 2017 FOX Writers Intensive, Second Rounder at 2017 Austin Film Fest, Semi-Finalist for 2017 Screencraft's Pilot Launch
Nora’s comedy spec class was fantastic. She gave excellent notes that really helped shape my project before it got to draft. I loved hearing her stories from her work on Trial and Error and her experiences with Warner Brothers program. Also, I found her joke pitches to be very good and funny, She really cares, learns all the shows, and always got us feedback early so we had to chance to digest and then ask questions in class. I would definitely recommend this class.
— Joe Gold