Michael Perri is a dramatic writer who was born Emmanuel Pedro until his adoptive parents changed his name when he was ten.


Growing up in Chicago’s foster care system, he wrote plays and asked (okay forced) the other kids to act them out.  Before moving to LA to write full time, he traveled the world as a technology and cyber-security consultant.  Recently, Perri was awarded a coveted spot in NBC’s Writers on the Verge Program.  Prior to that, he was a finalist in the Disney | ABC Writing program and a participant in the National Hispanic Media Coalition’s (NHMC) Television Writers Fellowship sponsored by ABC Creative Talent & Development and NBC’s Talent Diversity initiatives.  Perri also made Tracking-Board.com’s 2012 Young and Hungry List. He attributes his success to the same resolve and optimistic attitude he displayed as a child in foster care.

Perri’s characters often reflect his own upbeat and positive attitude, persevering to overcome their obstacles no matter the odds. As a nice Catholic boy, his dream was always to marry a sweet Jewish girl and join the enormous family she puts up with. Mike’s dream came true and he looks forward to raising his children to be guilt-free ‘Cashews’ one day.

He has been a staff writer on NBC TV’s hit show Blindspot, and now joins the staff of TERESA on Starz. Before that, Perri was a staff writer on NBC TV’s CIA Conspiracy Series State of Affairs starring Katherine Heigl and Alfre Woodard. He is repped by Gersh and Echo Lake Management.


Writing a spec can be a daunting process, especially if you’re planning to submit to the network writing programs. Mike Perri makes it all go away. He has gone through the process himself and he’s been a reader for these very same programs. His knowledge is invaluable and his attitude is always positive—it was a pleasure to be part of his class and learn what it takes to write that awesome spec.
— Moises Zamora, Executive Producer & Creator of Netflix's upcoming SELENA
Michael Perri is one of those teachers who sneakily helps you elevate your craft in a BIG way. Sneaky because you are having so much fun while you’re doing it. He has a passion for storytelling that is infectious and he can boil the process down for his students in a way that is easily absorbed and executed. For me, he just makes the writing feel easier and less cumbersome, and before you know it, you’ve drafted the best thing you’ve ever written. The writing process is often frustrating and isolating, but Michael Perri will help you feel less of both while simultaneously helping you churn out something crazy good.
— Alexandra Grizinski, 2nd Round: Austin Film Festival’s 2015 Teleplay Contest (1hr drama)
It was not my first spec script and yet I learnt so much more than I thought possible, in this class. The tools offered were very specific to TV writing and hence helped me focus my efforts. The teacher, Michael Perri was insightful, energetic and generous in his feedback and assistance and I would highly recommend any course he leads. I was also appreciative of the general quality of the students as people and as writers. I would strongly recommend this course to any TV spec writers.
— Kathy Petrakis, Finalist: Scriptapalooza 2015