Lauren Sadja Otero is a Mexican-Jewish comedy writer who writes about totally light-hearted topics as race, identity and mental health.

After graduating from Stanford University with a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Sociology, Lauren got her start at CAA where she worked as an assistant for two years. Shortly after, she was accepted into the Disney-ABC Writing Program, where she landed her first staffing job on Happy Endings. Since then, Lauren has staffed on several shows, including How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest Of Your Life, Versus, Mr. Student Body President, and Girl Meets World.

A Los Angeles native, she’s the daughter of a federal judge and a special ed teacher who became handicapped. She once ran a food blog for the lactose intolerant. And her first screenwriting class was taught by a teacher who was taught at San Quentin. 

Lauren is currently out with a musical comedy with Sacha Baron Cohen’s production company. She is repped by Artist First.


It’s not enough to be good in this industry. I’ve found that it’s not even enough to be great. You need to be prolific, consistent and possess an ability to generate work quickly. Script Anatomy will give you the tools to achieve this level of performance. I trust Script Anatomy’s development tools implicitly because I’ve reaped its benefits. I developed my first spec outline in Televisionary Writer’s Workshop. That spec led me to the Finals of every 2014 Television Fellowship Program. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you have the drive, commitment and passion, Script Anatomy will give you the weapons to succeed.
— Charmaine DeGraté, Writer on CW’s The 100, Warner Bros Television Workshop Fellow, UTA Repaid
The Televisionary Workshop is the HGH of TV Writing. Having taken many classes, none have prepared me so thoroughly for a first draft. The Script Anatomy tools helped me delve deep into the theme and tracking of my spec script, allowing me to get to a solid outline in a very short amount of time. The notes from my instructor were thorough and balanced, challenging me to be my best while remaining respectful of my ideas. For the first time in my writing career, the transition from outline to first draft was seamless. I can’t say enough great things.
— Paul Ditty, Semi-Finalist for 2017 NBC WOTV, Semi-Finalist for 2017 FOX Writers Intensive, Second Rounder at 2017 Austin Film Fest, Semi-Finalist for 2017 Screencraft's Pilot Launch
The system at Script Anatomy for the Televisionary class is streamline, elegant, and rigorous. Each week we were met with assignments that deepened the understanding of our OWN stories.
— Sean Cook