Script Anatomy is a screenwriting school and community dedicated to TV writing. Since 2011 we’ve helped thousands of screenwriters develop their craft, break into the industry and sustain successful careers.

Our instructors are working TV writers. We teach a unique program. And our alumni’s accomplishments are second to none.

We offer classes, workshops, panels and mixers throughout Los Angeles as well as a full menu of courses online.

If want to write for TV, you’re in the right place.



In this 5 minute video, founder Tawnya Bhattacharya (below) and working alumni talk about how Script Anatomy can transform your writing and your career. You’ll hear about the Script Anatomy method (the tools), our instructors, and our community. For more from our alumni, check out their testimonials.


One: Our instructors are actively working television writers.

Their credits are current not 20 years old. Shows like Ozark, Silicon Valley, A Million Little Things, and many more. If you want to learn how to write a script, how to pitch a TV show, and how to get a job writing for TV, there’s no better teacher than a working writer who is up-to-date on this fast-moving industry.

Two: We treat all our writers as emerging professionals.

While our focus is on developing your craft, we also prepare you for life in the professional world. So we run several classes like real TV writers rooms. Our instructors will always give an honest evaluation of your project. And we cover staffing, development, acquiring representation, and the application process for the all-important studio writing programs that have launched so many alumni careers. 

Three: We teach a consistent and unique curriculum.

The Script Anatomy system is based on our trademarked Tools (see below). Instructors don’t teach whatever they want—while they each bring individual experiences and personality to the table, they all teach the proven Script Anatomy method. So if you take a specific class with us, that class will have the same structure, curriculum, lectures, and tools, regardless of instructor.



They’re writing tools that the founder, Tawnya Bhattacharya, designed to help you take your TV script idea from a concept to a finished draft. It’s a hands-on, applicable process that writers can use throughout their careers, to develop material and fix story problems.

They work. Our alumni’s accomplishments speak for themselves. They’re writing for network and cable shows at every level, right up to showrunner. Some have taken other courses, as committed writers often do, but it’s with Script Anatomy that they make that critical breakthrough, whether that’s winning a TV writing fellowship, getting professional representation, selling a TV show or landing a job.

Script Anatomy Tools have been taught at the Disney ABC Writing Program, the TV Writers Fund For The Future, Stage 32, The International Screenwriters Association and the Willamette Writers Conference.



If you’re serious about your writing goals, then yes. We aim to turn aspiring writers into professionals who are ready to enter the industry. However, if you’re after a more casual experience with tea and biscuits and a certificate at the end, then honestly, there are other schools.

That said, you don’t need experience to join. Our students range from those who’ve literally never written before, to working writers with years in the business, as you’ll see from their testimonials. Our courses range from foundational to advanced, and successful alums often take several before their breakthrough. We see network execs, directors and actors, as well as journalists, lawyers, nurses, cops, teachers, and on and on. What they all share is a positive outlook, an urge to tell stories, and a willingness to go for it!



Script Anatomy is a dynamic and supportive community. We host regular networking mixers and industry panels in Los Angeles, with agents, producers and managers. It can be tough out there, and sometimes it takes a village. Our writers form independent writers groups and forge lasting relationships. When you find your tribe, it can change everything.

Join us and start building your network.

The Script Anatomy Mixer at Edendale in Silverlake, July 2018.

The Script Anatomy Mixer at Edendale in Silverlake, July 2018.


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And explore our classes. We recommend starting with Televisionary in order to learn the tools. If you have questions, get in touch!

We look forward to working with you.