A native of Kingsville, Texas, Hollie Overton headed to the Big Apple at nineteen, lured by the bright lights of Broadway.

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Unfortunately, two left feet and no vocal ability left her with limited options beyond waiting tables. So she came to Hollywood, determined to write her own story. While she took classes and wrote TV spec scripts, Hollie continued to expand her resume of mind numbing survival jobs until she landed a spot in the Warner Brothers Writers Workshop.

Hollie is a TV Writer, Producer and best selling novelist. She's currently on Kevin Williamson's show Tell Me A Story with CBS Access, and her TV credits include Shadowhunters, The Client List and Cold Case.  Hollie‘s second novel The Walls was released on August 2017. She has recently signed a deal for two additional books. Hollie’s debut novel, Baby Doll was published in the US, UK and eleven other countries and received Best Debut Novel by the readers of Dead Good Books. Hollie is repped by MetaMorphic Entertainment.


I didn’t feel that I was taking a class; I felt like I was in a Writer’s Room. Hollie led me through my script development like a Showrunner, empowering me with Script Anatomy’s vital tools. She zeroed in on parts of my project that subconsciously — I knew weren’t working. Her insightful notes are sharp-edged, but delivered in an easy-to-take manner. Hollie’s enthusiasm for each student’s project shines through.
— Nadia Madden, 2017 Humanitas New Voices Prize Finalist, 2017 Sundance Episodic Story Lab Semifinalist
Hollie Overton really understands the way a writer’s brain works and how to provide a positive environment that her students can thrive in. From the very beginning I felt comfortable throwing out whatever pitches came to mind. I never felt judged. Hollie listened to my ideas, gave me thoughtful encouragement and then challenged me to dig deeper!  She is a perfect balance of nurturer and whip-cracker. When I was lost, she was always ready to advise but she never let me off the hook! You may walk into her class confused but I guarantee you’ll leave with a sense of enlightenment. I have grown so much as a writer since I took her class!
— Danielle Bauman, Semifinalist, 2015/16 NBC Writers on the Verge, Script Coordinator, NBC’s THIS IS US
Hollie was extremely exceptional at delivering what worked and didn’t work, but leaving it to you to make the final decision on what stayed in your script. I never felt like I was in a student/teacher environment and for me that made all the difference. Because she incorporated her own personal experiences as a working writer into her lessons, my writing goals didn’t feel that far out of reach.
— Kenya McDonald