Emmylou Diaz’s television writing credits include two seasons on The CW comedy Jane the Virgin, as well as three seasons on Bravo’s hit dramedy Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. She is now staffed on The CW's Charmed reboot.


She’s also written and produced content for Matador and WE. She has been named to Harvardwood’s Most Staffable List and is a recipient of the NHMC Television Writers Fellowship, a diversity program sponsored by NBC and ABC. Emmy received her MFA in Acting from the American Repertory Theatre Institute at Harvard University.

Emmy has also studied at Oxford University (Exeter College), and Williams College, where she graduated with honors, double majoring in English and Theatre. She’s trained at UCB and UCLA, and her solo work has been performed at the American Repertory Theatre and Rogue Machine’s acclaimed Rant and Rave.


In general, Script Anatomy’s classes have definitely elevated my writing in ways that I am still becoming conscious of. The Televisionary class is a must-take in my opinion for anyone wanting to write a TV spec or pilot that hopes to meet the high standard required to get into the fellowships/writing programs and onto a TV staff. The tools I learned in that class are so valuable, I can’t recommend it enough.
— Rowan Wheeler, ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Winner, Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilot Contest Top 5%, repped by UTA
It’s not enough to be good in this industry. I’ve found that it’s not even enough to be great. You need to be prolific, consistent and possess an ability to generate work quickly. Script Anatomy will give you the tools to achieve this level of performance. I trust Script Anatomy’s development tools implicitly because I’ve reaped its benefits. I developed my first spec outline in Televisionary Writer’s Workshop. That spec led me to the Finals of every 2014 Television Fellowship Program. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you have the drive, commitment and passion, Script Anatomy will give you the weapons to succeed.
— Charmaine DeGraté, Writer on CW’s The 100, Warner Bros Television Workshop Fellow, UTA Repaid
I am a huge fan of Script Anatomy after having completed five classes here with a number of different teachers, each excellent and inspiring in her/his own unique way.
— Pamela García Rooney, Semifinalist, 2017 ABC/Disney Writing Program, 2016 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Contest Top 8%