Dedi Felman is a drama writer and director, born and raised in the wilds of New Jersey.


A member of the inaugural class of the HBO Access Writing Fellowship (2015-16), she began her love affair with writing and the English language while teaching English as a Second Language in Seoul, South Korea. To this day, kimchi chi-gae (stew) stokes her late-night creativity.

A devotee of global politics and adventure, she speaks "market" Thai, has sailed down the Moei River with Burmese rebels, and co-founded, a private and NEA-supported online magazine for literature in translation back in the wild web days when "online content" was still a novelty in media.

Dedi worked in publishing as an Executive Editor at Oxford University Press and a Senior Editor at Simon & Schuster, where she developed award-winning and bestselling book projects across a range of genres and topics from Facebook to personal risk to cutting edge neuroscience. Upon moving to Los Angeles, she attended the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting, taught TV writing for Script Anatomy, and volunteers for the Young Storytellers Foundation.


Dedi is an amazing instructor who really digs deep to hone your vision. She latches on to the heart of your story, nourishes that vision, and gives you the tools and notes to see that vision realized. She’s patient yet firm, and works tirelessly to ensure you are supported throughout the length of the class. I would email her between classes with questions, concerns, fears, and thoughts, and always got speedy replies that were both thoughtful and thought-provoking. She not only gave me new perspectives, but also pitched story solutions that gave both of my scripts (spec and pilot) new depth and meaning, and challenged me to become a better writer. I’m very proud of the work I’ve produced and have grown exponentially under Dedi’s guidance.
— Natasha M. Hall, 2016 WeScreenplay Diverse Voice TV WINNER, 2015 Final Draft BigBreak Top 5, 2015 Scriptapalooza TV Winner.
Dedi was so very patient with my very high-end expansive concept, helping me focus my ideas, characters, stakes, goals, and conflicts. She helped me streamline my concept, focus on the process of character analysis, outlining and really comprehending what I wanted to accomplish with my pilot. Thanks to Dedi, I’m more disciplined with my process and so much closer to achieving the completion of my pilot... There are no guarantees in this business, but Script Anatomy will at least give you the tools you need to not only start your work but complete it.
— Greg Payton
Dedi knows her stuff. She teaches with a clear understanding of structure in modern television. When I wouldn’t quite get something, she took the extra time to explain it until I had it clear. It’s not the general TV writing course you would get at a university. This course breaks scripts down, piece by piece, to the nitty gritty detail. Now I finally have a grasp on what it will take for me to write in the professional world. I learned so much from her in this course.
— Ethan Griffith