A Message About the 2018 Staffing Season

First and foremost, CONGRATS to everyone who made all their fellowship deadlines. We know all too well it's no easy feat. Finishing those applications is a huge accomplishment in and of itself!

As Ali and I start our new job at ABC's A MILLION LITTLE THINGS, I'm struck once again by how random the brutality of network staffing season is. Sometimes you go on one showrunner meeting all year and that's the offer you get. Sometimes you go on a dozen meetings or more, and those showrunners all love you, but none of their shows get picked up for another season. 

In a profession that feels so random, the only thing you can control is your craft. If staffing hasn't gone your way so far this year, try not to expend too much energy agonizing about it. The best way you can prepare for the next opportunity is just keep writing. 

Hope to see you in summer class.