Alyson Feltes (Aly) is an established writer/showrunner in Canada, South Africa and the U.S. She is currently a Co-executive Producer on Ozark (Netflix).

Currently a Co-EP and writer on Ozark (Netflix), Aly is currently back in the writers room breaking stories for Season 2. In early January 2017, Aly delivered a pilot script for a one hour drama to WBTV and NBC. 

She co-created Flash Forward for The Disney Channel and The Associates for CTV. She co-ran Traders for three Gemini award-winning seasons (including its two best dramatic series nods). Aly was showrunner-in-residence at The Canadian Film Centre, creating a mock story department for a one-hour drama based on her original pilot script. All her graduates are now working writers.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Aly became a Co-EP on Mental, a one hour-drama produced in Bogota, Colombia for FTVS and Fox and was a Consulting Producer for the The Firm (NBC/Sony International). 

She is represented by CAA and Ensemble Entertainment.


I really enjoyed the Spec Lab with Alyson and I know I would not have ended up with as strong of a script without her guidance and the class’s feedback. I continue to be impressed with Script Anatomy classes! I really love the structure; I get so much out of the tools and tasks and I find myself and my work pushed miles ahead of what I could do on my own (and much further than what I’ve experienced in classes elsewhere). I plan to sign up for Script Anatomy classes for my next pilot and spec… there’s currently nowhere I like taking classes as much as Script Anatomy!
— Diana Ly
Working through my spec with Aly in Advanced Spec Lab was invaluable – her notes were smart, honest and encouraging. I always left class feeling elated and super jazzed to implement her helpful feedback.Her notes were so incredibly amazing I found myself craning my neck to peer over her shoulder and soak up every drop of her wisdom. I also appreciate that she’s a working TV writer/producer, and her generosity in sharing some behind-the-scenes insight with a room of new writers. Highly recommend working with Aly – she’s like a cooler, hipper fairy godmother who will dust magic over your script.
— Melissa Cassera, Top 5%, 2016 Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilot Contest